SPMC development has stopped

Semper Media Center (SPMC in short) is a android-minded fork of Kodi, by the former Kodi android maintainer, Koying

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SPMC development has stopped

I have joined the https://mrmc.tv/ team (https://twitter.com/koying/status/975425129239990273)
Thank you for your support all those years, and see you there.


As far as I’m concerned, Nvidia Shield has basically cornered the market, so is my main development device. More generally, Android TV devices, amlogic devices and Amazon FireTV might be getting some love ;)
Important: No more Rockchip specific support as of this version

Note 1: As of 16.5.0, Android lollipop (API 21) is required
Note 2: For recommendations and android voice search, SPMC must be already running.

Latest Jarvis build is: 16.7.4 link
ARM32 APK: link
More downloads at: link

Google Play: link
Issues and questions: github
FAQ: wiki


16.7.4 (2018/02/26)

  • ADD: own repository to mitigate TMDB keys abuse

16.7.3 (2018/02/02)

  • FIX: TMDB scrapper

16.7.2 (2017/12/01)

  • FIX: Scrappers

16.7.1 (2017/07/30)

  • FIX: TMDB scrapper

16.7.0 (2017/05/29)

  • CHG: Bump python to 2.7
  • FIX: transversal zip security vulnerability

16.6.0 (2017/03/01)

  • ADD: “Visible behind” for Android TV
  • ADD: “Now playing” for Android TV
  • FIX: HD audio IEC on N (Shield + Mi)
  • FIX: use PT RAW for re-encoding if selected- FIX: 3D -> 2D in amcs
  • FIX: windowed amc
  • ADD: Dynamic amcs surfaces
  • FIX: amcs rotation
  • FIX: plugin cache
  • ADD: zeroconf via API
  • FIX: 4K GUI
  • FIX: High CPU load
  • ADD: Smoothstreaming
  • FIX: crash on exit with NFS

16.5.5 (2016/12/29)

  • Fix Shield crash

16.5.4 (2016/12/23)

  • More bug fixes

16.5.3 (2016/12/19):

  • FIX: crash on exit
  • FIX: WOL
  • FIX: Hiccups in plain Mediacodec

16.5.2 (2016/12/11):

  • FIX: Regressions
  • ADD: SD h/w setting for HEVC

16.5.1 (2016/12/08):

  • FIX: 4K on AFTV2
  • FIX: Crash in new Network code
  • FIX: Crash when exiting on aarch64
  • FIX: Crash on AML 6.01 FW
  • ADD: Limit AC3 encoder to 384kb/s with Quality < High

16.5.0 (2016/11/30):

  • CHG: API 21+ (Android 5.0) only, sorry.
  • ADD: 4K on AFTV2
  • ADD: refresh rate sync on AFTV
  • ADD: DASH support (aka 1080p/4K youtube)
  • ADD: Builtin log (Settings-System-Logging-Upload…)
  • ADD: crash handler (no need for logcat)
  • ADD: rendercapture (boblight, Hue, …) support for Surface
  • FIX: Only stop Surface when really necessary
  • CHG: Revert to Surface as standard
  • ADD: acceleration setting for hevc

16.4.2 (2016/08/15):

  • REVERT: crash when enumerating sound devices during a refresh rate change
  • FIX: Missing start of video with large buffer

16.4.1 (2016/08/01):

  • FIX: stalls after seek
  • FIX: [includeall] avoid double episodes

16.4.0 (2016/07/14):

  • CHG: Enable YADIF for arm
  • ADD: Export single item to NFO via context menu
  • FIX: Properly cache if both audio and video are starving
  • FIX: GLES font corruption inevitable after few days runtime
  • FIX: [shield] properly handle wifi direct headset
  • CHG: [leanback] force recommendation update every hour

16.3.0 (2016/05/01):

  • ADD: HQ scalers (Shield only, afaik)
  • ADD: GUI selection of H/W decoders
  • ADD: [AFTV(S)] get real HDMI refresh rate
  • ADD: additional “ffmpeg” s/w deinterlacer
  • FIX: Save skin settings immediately
  • FIX: lockup with Twitch addon
  • FIX: stream details issues
  • FIX: sorting issues
  • FIX: background music issues
  • Merge Kodi 16.1

16.2.1 (2016/04/14):

  • ADD: Boost center channel on downmix
  • FIX: UTF8 formatted labels
  • FIX: stream details detection
  • FIX: “block” fonts

16.2.0 (2016/04/02):

  • Add voice recognition to soft keyboard (cf. [faq] (https://github.com/koying/SPMC/wiki/How-to-use-the-voice-recognition-feature) )
  • Add Thumbnails cleanup (cf. [faq] (https://github.com/koying/SPMC/wiki/Where-is-the-%22Clean-Thumbnails%22-option%3F) )
  • [Shield] fallback to s/w for 3D (still issues with HTAB/HSBS)
  • (re-)Add reboot & shutdown on rooted devices
  • Add support for AudioFormat::ENCODING_IEC61937 (Android N IEC passthrough)
  • Expand recommendations and voice search to tv shows and music albums
  • Fix IEC passthrough volume issue
  • TrueHD PT buffer tweaks
  • Backport “disable PT when sync to display is enabled”

16.1.2 (2016/03/20):

  • Fix execution on Android < 4.4
  • Fix voice search (+ enable Web server by default)
  • Add spmc_env.properties support; fallback on xbmc_env.properties
  • Add possibility to choose IEC or RAW passthrough (via passthrough device)
  • Fix low sample rates audio
  • Revert to using xbmclogs.com

16.1.1 (2016/03/13):

  • Fix DTS issue
  • Fix Mediacodec surface in 4K GUI
  • “Back” = Stop in fullscreen video

16.1.0 (2016/03/13):

  • Based on Kodi 16.1
  • HD Audio passthrough (Shield + some aml, Minix U1 & Wetek Core at least)
  • Autostart at boot (xbmc.autostart=true in xbmc_env.properties)
  • GUI size setting (Allow 4k gui on Shield)
  • Only give codec priority to Mediacodec(Surface) for 4K
  • Only stop video on minimize for Mediacodec(Surface)
  • “System” screensaver to enable daydream; all other screensavers disable daydream
  • Get removable storage names from system
  • Basic Bluray 3D iso playback (experimental; amlogic)
  • Android TV recommendations and voice search (experimental)
  • SSL enabled MySql
  • Stop video playback when screen goes off
  • Setting to force SMB v1 (might solve windows connection issues)
  • The ever good ol’ “Import All” option


By popular demand…
Most of SPMC is merged in Kodi besides the rockchip specifics.

Latest Helix build is: 15.0.0 link
APK: link
launcher APK: link
X86 APK: link


15.0.0 (2015/07/25):


Those Helix builds will contain XBMC patches which were not accepted, or are not acceptable, in the main XBMC tree.

Latest Helix build is: 14.2.0 link
APK: link
launcher APK: link
X86 APK: link

Google play store: SPMC Helix is in the Beta channel. To get access:

  • Join the G+ community here
  • Go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.semperpax.spmc to enroll


14.2.0 (2015/04/04):

  • Rebased on last Kodi Helix (14.2)
  • Backport of Incremental seeking
  • Use the device volume controls (if any)
  • Use in virtual keyboard to toggle use of left/right/enter the keyboard way
  • Generate minidumps in case of crashes (no more logcats :) )
  • Use Samba 3.6 (gplv3)
  • Release build :D

14.1.0 (2015/02/07):

  • Rebased on Kodi Helix 14.1
  • Added BOB de-interlacing
  • Fixed Video settings availability
  • Removed hardcoded 250ms audio delay on AML
  • Auto-3D switching on AFTV
  • Add “uhd” (4K) to codec selection in Advanced Settings


Warning: as of 13.3.3, the non-launcher version is default, including in stores

Last Gotham build is: 13.4.0 link
APK: link
launcher APK: link

Google Play: link
Amazon Appstore: link


13.4.0 (2014/12/14):

  • Improved Rockchip support
    • overlay, hevc + true 4K on rk3288
  • Auto-framerate switching for Amlogic
    • (Needs 666 on /sys/class/display/mode)
  • Auto-framerate switching for Rockchip
    • (Needs 666 on /sys/class/display/display0.HDMI/mode)
  • Allow forcing passthrough hack on Rockchip via AS ()
  • Better Android apps icons
  • Add direct access to common Android settings
  • Android TV banner
  • Fix Nexus 9
  • Bump libbluray & ffmpeg
  • Fix amlogic black screen on recent SDK
  • … and the usual bunch of bugfixes ;)

13.3.3 (2014/10/26):

  • Preliminary support for h265 (including RK3288)
  • Preliminary support for Android TV
  • Allow sleep and Daydream to kick in (e.g. on Amazon Fire TV)
  • Add setting to scrape all videos, even if they failed
  • Add “sd” & “hd” to the advancedsettings of libstagefright (and mediacodec) for fine tuning
  • Allow fullscreen on JB
  • Hide irrelevant video & audio settings
  • Another possible fix for start crash
  • Make the “no launcher” version default

13.3.2 (2014/08/15):

  • Backport ffmpeg 2.3
  • Fix suspend
  • Fix SPMC closing when adding/removing a keyboard with touchpad
  • Possible fix for hiccups after pausing for a long time on amlogic
  • Fix passthrough not working on Rockchip (with media hack): remove minix check
  • Do not pause music when going to background
  • Allow multi-threaded in fallback s/w decoding
  • Add option to wait for network (via xbmc_env.properties)
  • Possible fix for crash on startup (previous one didn’t solve it)
  • disable libstagefright on Nvidia Shield (crash)
  • Fix Python PIL

13.3.1 (2014/08/06):

  • Rebased to latest XBMC 13.2
  • Add suspend on rooted devices (thanks to @elmerohueso)
  • Possible fix for recurrent startup crash
  • Switch TV to 3D automatically on amlogic
  • Allow mouse long left click to bring up context menu

13.3.0 (2014/07/26):

  • Rebased to latest XBMC 13.2
  • Fix remaining issue with some h264 BD rips
  • Fix compatibility with KitKat releases on Rockchip
  • Remove “su” tinkering on Amlogic. This should be fixed in firmware
  • Fix crash when Android apps are favourited, then uninstalled. Probably also fixes crash issue with “amber”-like skins which do not have a dedicated icon for the “Android app” category.
  • Fix issue where scanning from local nfo did not work for episodes anymore

13.2.1 (2014/07/16):

  • New graphics (thanks to @Tinwarble from OuyaForum)
  • Register as launcher
  • Important fix for some MakeMKV et al 1-to-1 BD rips

13.2.0 (2014/07/10):

  • Initial Gotham release
  • OUYA specifics
    • OUYA app specifics
    • AC3/DTS passthrough
  • Rockchip enhancements
    • Better H/W acceleration via private API
  • AML enhacements
    • 4K on M8
  • Change data location:

See https://github.com/koying/SPMC/commits/gotham for the full list.


Last Frodo build is: 12.4.2
Torrent: http://filez.semperpax.com/ykyk6hye
APK: http://filez.semperpax.com/5r4ln85l
Sources: https://github.com/koying/SPMC



  • Pack bluray library
  • Fix libstagefright bug
  • Remove unnecessary joystick keymaps


  • Added mouse wheel and proper button support
  • Allow reboot/restart on rooted devices
  • Runs on kitkat